Women make up 50.8% of the US populace. Therefore, it stands to reason that any prospective government must cater for the approximately 158,288,694 American women, as well as the men.

Indeed, since the 19th Amendment guaranteed universal voting rights for American women that has been the case.

However, the Republicans seem to be debuting a risky new policy of late, whereby they attempt to win votes through sending women’s rights back to the dark ages.

In August, a delightfully enlightened Republican gentleman going by the name of Todd Aiken stated that in the case of “legitimate rape”, the female body has ways of preventing pregnancy – or in Aiken’s own eloquent prose, “shutting that whole thing down.” He went on to state that this meant that pregnancy from rape is “really rare”.

Now, wasn’t that a great biology lesson? It’s reassuring that an influential member of Congress is so knowledgeable about these issues. Oh wait – what?

It beggars belief that in this day and age, public representatives can still hold such archaic and frankly terrifying views. Sadly, Aiken is not alone. Over the past year, the Republicans have pushed the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion” Act, which would essentially outlaw abortions for any non-”forcible” – or, in Aiken’s words, “illegitimate” rape. Any pregnancies resulting from date rape, statutory rape or incest would not qualify.

All of this leads me to wonder: when did Aiken – or Mitt Romney, or Paul Ryan, or any other Republicans so vocal about these issues – grow a vagina? Surely they would not risk alienating over half of the American public, depriving them of their rights, without knowing what they were talking about?

So, the matter remains: either the Republican Party is genuinely, reprehensibly attempting to strip women of their basic rights – or Mitt Romney has a vagina. Personally, I’m hoping it’s the latter.