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Academic Entertainment to Help You Settle into University

I’m the first to say that university isn’t what we see in TV shows, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be helpful in settling us into a new life.

Shows with high school/university settings can be extremely cheesy, but they’re also very easy watches. When you’re settling into a new lifestyle, and you need to get used to a new schedule, you may not have the brainpower to watch the latest crime show, or an intense sci-fi. What you may need is some light-hearted shows you don’t have to think about.

Glee – This show isn’t insightful, and some of it’s problematic, but it’s so fun. The academic part of high school isn’t really touched on, but the ideas of clubs and societies are. Glee shows how beautiful friendships can blossom from these clubs, which is something I’ve found about UEA societies. So, whilst watching Glee and singing along to some banging music, maybe consider which clubs at UEA interest you.

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series – Another cheesy show about a High School club, HSMTMTS is all about found family, and learning how to express yourself. It’s a very easy watch, and it’s so funny. And again, this also gets you to maybe think about joining a club.

Boy Meets World – Many of you may have seen this classic 90s show, but it’s still a good one to talk about. It brings on an air of nostalgia, especially as so many problems Corey faces are so relatable – from figuring out who he likes in High School, to what he wants post-University.

There’s an endless amount of academically set TV shows, from Sex Education to How To Get Away With Murder, but these are just a few easy suggestions to provide some light entertainment whilst you’re finding your feet.

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