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Over the past couple of years jelly makeup products have slowly but surely been making their way onto the makeup scene, and 2019 is set to be the year they really come into their own. The only issue is that the majority of these jellified products seem to be coming from the high-end makeup brands, meaning if you want to try this trend you’ll be paying top dollar for the privilege.

To purchase jelly highlighters from brands such as Farsali and Iconic London will set you back up to £34, which is pretty steep if you ask me. The selling point for these products however, to justify the price, is that they are multi-use, because of their consistency you can put them on your eyes, on your cheekbone and even under your foundation to create a glow from within.

Which is all very good, so long as they work. The general consensus from social media and bloggers alike is how fast drying these types of products are.

US Youtuber Tati Westbrook has warned fans that this is not something you want to leave the lid off of as it is sure to dry out. As long as you’re a quick blender the staying power of these things and the beautiful shimmer it gives you does seem worth it. And because of the lightweight texture, you can build-up the colour without looking cakey.

So long as the drugstore starts picking up this trend (and does it well!), jelly makeup will be a big hit this year.

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March 2021
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