ALBUM REVIEW: Casino Rockets – Reality Distortion Field

Reality Distortion Field is the debut album from Halifax four-piece Casino Rockets, and it’s been a long time coming. The first single for the album, ‘Black & Red’, was released back in 2018, and since then the band spent a huge amount of time refining each track alongside their day jobs, not to mention the disturbance of the pandemic.

Opening track and comeback single ‘Impala’ introduces Casino Rockets’ math-rock sound, similar yet distinct to their contemporaries such as Squid and Black Country, New Road, including dense walls of guitar and progressive elements. This same sound is echoed throughout the album, with similar sparse vocals sprinkled in.

The highlight ‘Only Light Can Save You’ features a dreamy marriage between instrumentation and lyrics, creating an impression of hope. The band’s refinement is clear throughout the track, with individual elements taking turns to shine.

The melancholic tone is switched for one of defiance in previously mentioned single ‘Black & Red’, fitting perfectly amongst the rest of the album despite the gap in releases. The men’s vocals shine here, working well in tandem, especially in a harmonized chorus melded with rich strings.

Oddly EDM-infused, ‘Kachumber’ closes the album as a slow starter, with beeping synths and gentle strings accompanying raw vocals, bringing song writing to the foreground. Intensity builds towards its centre, exploding then fading in a outro drenched in synths and vocal harmonies.

Throughout Reality Distortion Field, the band’s resilience is clear, with its sheer purity of instrumental skill echoing their diverse influences, including the likes of Pink Floyd and TOOL. Fans of the current flavour of post-punk exploding in the UK will be right at home.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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