Albums of 2012: Bones – Young Guns

This eagerly anticipated sophomore album went above and beyond all expectations, cementing Young Guns place at the top of the British rock scene. They produced an explosive yet melodious rock album packed full of arena worthy anthems. It had a more polished and coherent feel than their debut; the songs flowed in perfect harmony, but each with something slightly different to grab the listener’s attention.

It is packed full of powerful vocals, catchy riffs and thrashing drum beats. The listener could identify with the honest and reflective lyrics which showcased a more mature sound. If it is listened to carefully, hidden inside every song is a truthful yet uplifting tale about life.

It is one of those albums that never gets boring because each time it is played, something new is discovered. Bones opens with the infectious riffs and raspy vocals of I Have Born, I Have Lived, I Will Surely Die and the pace of the album never slows down. There are a few mellow songs such as A Hymn For All I’ve Lost thrown into the mix, but each song is as powerful and infectious as the next.

Bones takes the listener on an epic journey through their best work yet, including the title track, You Are Not and Headlights, on course towards a more mellow finish but an epic climax nonetheless. Their next musical endeavour is eagerly awaited, following this masterpiece will be a tough job but their combination of creative talent will ensure, yet again they exceed all expectations.


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