The fashion world went in to overdrive last week at the highly anticipated news of H&M’s latest collaboration with designer of the moment Alexander Wang. This is the 10th collaboration that H&M have done in recent years, previously boasting collaborations with the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Roberto Cavalli and Stella McCartney, all of which have been enormously successful. Collaborations with designers and brands have become very prominent, with Topshop, Gap and Banana Republic all collaborating with designers. Yet there is certainly something about H&M collaborations that has an appeal unlike any other brand.


H&M is well known for being super popular with the everyday consumer, with its affordable fashion pieces as well as basics such as t- shirts and jeans. The introduction of the high fashion/high street collaboration to H&M ten years ago has brought a new edge to the brand, creating a buzz by presenting customers with surprising and exciting fashion meetings.

Karl Lagerfeld’s collection was an outstanding success in all areas selling out in minutes and setting a precedent for collections to come. Versace was an undoubtable success and was hugely popular while last year’s Isabel Marant collaboration created hysteria outside every major H&M store stocking the collection. H&M’s secret, perhaps, to collaborations is the fact that they have a different designer each year giving consumers something to anticipate and look forward to. Mr Wang has a lot to live up to.

So what can we expect from this year’s latest collaboration? The news was announced by Alexander Wang on Instagram, which was seen as very cool, at Coachella music festival, which was even more cool. So we can certainly anticipate the range to be aimed at a young demographic, which is ideal for us student folk who are on limited budgets. Wang is an expert at creating the basics – sweatshirts, backpacks, stretch mini’s – so expect some of those. Edgy jackets are set to make an appearance as are drapey tees and logo tees could be a possibility. In his 2014 collection Wang turned the 90’s ‘Parental Advisory’ logo into a sweatshirt which was swiftly sported by Rihanna.

In terms of colour don’t hold your breath for any major prints; Wang’s previous collections have featured muted shades, so gear up for blacks, greys and a smattering of pastels. Compared to previous designers Wang seems that he will bring a bit more of an urban feel to the collection judging by his preceding work. This seems that it will be a good fit with H&M however who already seem to be moving that way judging by their most recent products. The collection is to be released later this year in November, featuring apparel for men and women, and Venue can’t wait to see the results. We suspect it will be a sure fire success!