Working at a summer camp in the USA should be top of every student’s summer to-do list. Despite being exhausting, challenging and at times testing, becoming a summer camp counsellor is always rewarding.

American Camp

Swimming in the camp lake in the American sun, leading camp songs with hundreds of excited children and becoming a role model are all everyday occurrences at camp, what could be better? It certainly isn’t the best paid job but travel opportunities and giving a child the summer of a lifetime makes it more than worthwhile.

The decision to work at a summer camp should not be made hastily; ensuring the enjoyment and safety of children is a huge responsibility, but it is this responsibility which can guarantee a new level of maturity. That said, camp isn’t just for counsellors, there are plenty of other opportunities too. Cooks, climbing instructors, sports coaches, artists and IT experts are all needed at camp amongst many other positions. By abiding by a few camp rules, staying positive and being constantly enthusiastic, a brilliant summer is practically a sure-thing.

Summer camp doesn’t just mean a bunch of rich kids clicking their fingers whilst the counsellors grant their every wish. Although choosing to work at a more wealthy camp definitely has its benefits; often including better facilities like speedboats and games that even include helicopters, there are also opportunities to work for charity-run summer camps. These camps can often be more basic; but it isn’t just about who has the highest climbing wall or biggest lake; often charity-run camps may feel more rewarding. All types of summer camps come with benefits and disadvantages so it is a good idea to maintain an open mind when applying.

Travel after camp is definitely one of the main draws to spending a summer in the USA. Many people make life-long friends who become the best travel companions, and American friends usually turn out to be excellent hosts with inviting floors to sleep on. Lots of camps are in the North-Eastern states, making Boston, New York City and Washington DC excellent travel destinations to follow a couple of months of hard work.

There are plenty of companies which seek to assist applicants achieve their summer camp dreams; helping with placements and visas. Companies such as Camp Leaders, Camp America, BUNAC and Americamp are all trustworthy and charge a fee which generally covers visas and flights. This initial spend can be quickly earned back whilst at camp, but it is advisable to save beforehand for any post-camp travel as well as those much appreciated days off during your time at camp.

Working at summer camp becomes an annual event for many students and it is not hard to see why. Great friends, new skills and a newfound maturity are all gains from this experience which would be remembered for a lifetime.

Camp life can be challenging and is unquestionably exhausting, but all in all the gains far out way any perceived draw backs as it is incredibly rewarding. Working at camp is a real opportunity, and it is one that is well worth exploring.