Androgyny – combining feminine and masculine elements

The ambiguity of androgyny is what makes it such a compelling and impacting trend in the fashion world. The combination of feminine and masculine elements results in a chic, sophisticated style. Androgyny is renowned for its ability to blur the lines between genders and is a style that empowers men and women. In the past few decades many androgynous models have graced the catwalk like Agnes Deyn, highlighting how beauty isn’t just about being “pretty” in the traditional way. The trend glorifies the different forms of beauty and goes against conventional feminine fashions.


You’ll likely to have many of the essential pieces in your wardrobe and not even be aware of it, having probably always worn them separately but never combining them together. To get started you’ll need a shirt, in a colour of your choice; here at Venue we’d recommend sheer or light fabrics if you want to maintain that feminine touch to your outfit. The shirt sets the foundation of your look. Make sure the buttons are done up right to the very top – this will help to emphasise the sharpness of the collar. Feeling brave? Try wearing a bow tie to add a quirky edge to your outfit.

Next you’ll need tuxedo or dinner jacket as they are practically synonymous with this look. Tailoring is vital; you’ll need your outfit to look as polished and clean cut as possible. Venue suggests you go for a classic black or navy jacket to keep it simple and chic. Although if you aren’t liable to spill anything down yourself, try white as it will instantly add a confident coolness to your outfit. When it comes to choosing your footwear the androgynous style leaves it pretty much open to individual preference. A pair of loafers or brogues is a favourite as they maintain that masculine edge. Try experimenting with a patent pair to achieve that polished look.

However, want that little bit of height that only high heels can give you? Try a simple pair of stilettos to soften your look but make sure they aren’t too overpowering otherwise your outfit may lose its edge. If you love being that bit different, why not try a pair of high heeled loafers and you’ll get the best of both worlds!

Avoid extensive accessorising with this look – simplicity is essential to it being successful. A simple fedora or bowler hat will add a touch of class and quirkiness to your outfit, and will make it look instantly more expensive; this is always a bonus on a student budget! If you’re wearing this outfit in the daytime go for an oversized satchel or a briefcase to maintain the structured and masculine aspect of your look. Or, if you’re heading out on the town for drinks, try an oversized clutch bag and maybe experiment with a pop of colour!


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January 2021
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    Wonderful article! Very insightful and brilliantly communicated. I wasn't aware of this issue before, but this article has really brought it to light for me. Thank you very much!
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