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Another feather to my bow

This week is the first time I have produced Concrete’s award Winning radio show, ‘A Week in Concrete’ by myself. It’s safe to say that it all went to plan, there were no major hiccups. I found it very exciting. We talked about all things venue this week, I had Venue Deputy Editor Amelia Rentell and gaming Editor Martha Griffiths as guests and worked our way through Venue 374. I hope all our listeners enjoyed the show! 

Venue is quite close to my heart as it is the way I first got involved in Concrete, for the first year I wrote exclusively for the music section, afraid to delve into any other sections for fear that my writing would be perceived as horrible. All of my insecurities are laughable now. My advice to anyone reading this who hasn’t taken the plunge to write for us yet, (in the famous words of Shia LaBeouf)  just do it. You won’t regret it I promise, you may even end up being an editor and winning some awards 😉 

Speaking of radio shows, the BNOC Will Rule and I are co hosting a radio show together for Livewire’s Jailbreak! We’re on after midnight this coming Saturday, so tune into Livewire1350 and relax and Will and I read out bedtime stories. Being able to get involved in radio is one of the many great outcomes of being a member of the media collective, and it has opened so many great doors for me. I will miss it greatly when I graduate this summer. 

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May 2022
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