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Anti-mask protesters seen demonstrating in Norwich city centre

A group of protesters gathered in the Haymarket area of Norwich thursday the 24th of September, demonstrating against the compulsory wearing of masks. Approximately 60 people formed a large group carrying signs with slogans such as “Freedom over Fear” and displaying statistics comparing weekly deaths from other causes to those from Covid-19. There was also a large police presence in the area in case of any escalation of the protest. 

Having initially based themselves outside Primark, the group then walked around the area towards the Forum, still carrying placards and not socially distancing or wearing masks. Similar events have taken place in London and other cities across the country over the last few weeks, as the Government has been forced to take more decisive action to prevent the re-emergence of Coronavirus over the winter. It is believed there have been smaller gatherings in Norwich previously, demonstrating over the same issues.


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