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Apps to map your trip

Travel companies give advice and provide inspiration for planning a holiday. However, which ones can we rely upon?

Recently, a number of new travel startups have been created. This could be due to the influx of blogging and travel content on social media, Instagram being a prime example. For students looking to travel, budget and an interesting destination are of the most importance.

The company that I have used time and time again has been STA Travel. Particularly when looking for the cheapest internal flights in Australia, STA provided the best price comparisons for a student traveller like myself. They also offer deals for students, groups, and families.

However, there are lesser known companies that are worth having a look at.

I have often found myself looking for a mini break in the U.K. Snaptrip, a travel company started in April 2014, provides options for short getaways in holiday cottages, without having to spend lots of money on plane tickets. Snaptrip’s fundamental selling point is being a last-minute service, and so deals that would have disappeared on other websites remain available on theirs.

Snaptrip pride themselves on being a trustworthy, inspirational company which provides good value to all their customers. I would personally consider this website for future plans, particularly for a Valentine’s break with my boyfriend.

For those looking to holiday further afield, check out Holidu who say, ‘We compare 15,016,089 vacation rentals from hundreds of travel sites… so you don’t have to.’ If you need a little inspiration, they also have options such as, ‘Most popular vacation rental countries’ and ‘Family friendly seaside destinations’. That way not only are you likely to save up to 55 percent, due to the price comparison, but you also don’t have to spend hours researching where you’d like to go.

One of the most unique travel websites that I have stumbled upon has been nixi1. Their slogan, ‘You say hi, we say fly’, describes how this interactive service replies to a WhatsApp message that you send to the company asking about your travel desires. They then search the internet for you and find your best options without you having to lift a finger.

nixi1 claim, ‘With nixi1 you can find your flight and hotel room anywhere in the world. Tell us your preferences and we will find your best option!’

They say, ‘Book your trip, via Facebook Messenger, Telegram, SMS our App or through web chat and share the results with your contacts.’

There are many ways to use the service, you can even simply send a voice note. nixi1 say, ‘Search your flight and hotel by sending a voice note, a text or by completing a form, to get your results.’ nixi1 seems simple to use and reliable, particularly as their principles state they are comfortable, fast, and transparent.

A travel app that everybody should download is Flio, particularly if you will be taking several flights and using many airports.

Flio describes themselves as the ‘global airport app’. They say, ‘Covering all important air passenger needs: always know your flight status with our unique flight tracking plus guidance on more than 5,000 airports around the world.’

Airports can often be quite intimidating, especially if you’re new to travelling or are going on a solo trip. However, Flio contains flight schedules, coupons for restaurants and shops, lounge access, and airport maps to take the stress out of flying.

Forethought and organisation are key for safe and enjoyable travel. So, if you are a planner then I would definitely recommend checking out these travel companies for future trips.

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