Art in my Mouth

Norwich. City of… What comes to mind when you think of it?

Art in my Mouth

Popular responses will undoubtedly include Delia Smith, Alan Partridge and Norwich F.C. But how many people would associate Norwich with an emerging art scene? Not many, and this is something which Norwich resident Frazer Bailey hopes to change.

Frazer has founded Moosey Art – a platform dedicated to covering the many aspects of the street art world – and organised his first art show, Art in My Mouth. A showcase of International street art created by both international and local artists – professional and new alike – the exhibition ran for three days at the Stew Gallery in Norwich, was visited by roughly 400 people, and culminated in a live drawing which was auctioned off to raise money for the Philippines Typhoon Relief Fund, and was blogged about all the way across the atlantic in New York.

Visitors to the gallery expressed their surprise at both the quality of the show, and its taking place in Norwich. They were also amazed to learn that it was the first event that Frazer had organised. Yet his ambitions to place Norwich firmly on the art map do not stop here. In the short term he hopes to create a book to commemorate the art work displayed in Art in My Mouth, and to collaborate with artists to design a range of unique street art t-shirts. Looking to the long term he harbours aspirations to arrange an art show in London with the aim of exhibiting pieces created by primarily Norwich based artists. He is also hoping to locate and gain permission for local and guest artists to paint on residential and commercial walls in and around Norwich, in order to both liven up the city and generate tourist interest. As implied on Moosey Art’s website; tourist interest would both enable artists to showcase their art, and present Norwich as a city which promotes creative pursuits.

Alongside Frazer’s aspirations for Norwich, he also hopes to encourage students and budding artists to pursue their passions. One of his most memorable moments from Art in My Mouth was when two young artists – whose work had never been displayed before – both succeeded in selling one of their pieces. Through Moosey Art he hopes to do his “utmost to help young artists out,” whether that be finding them shows to partake in, locating sponsorship or simply offering up any knowledge which may be of help. Frazer also had some words of advice for those who were interested in first time event management. He suggests that they “be cheeky, don’t settle, get sponsors and approach everyone using any means that you can.” For Art in My Mouth Frazer used word of mouth to find a venue, and contacted many of the artists through Instagram.

For more information about Moosey Art, Art in My Mouth, current and future projects, or to get in contact with Frazer, visit, and in the meantime look forward to Norwich having associations beyond the culinary, the comedic and the athletic.


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