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Review: Elliot Wengler ‘The Season Finale’

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What could have been just another regular Saturday A-List LCR on May 24th was instead prefaced by a stand-up comedy night in the Hive put on by the UEA Headlights Society with all proceeds going to Stop the Traffik. Featuring Elliot Wengler as the host and compère of the night along with a collection of other UEA students and guest headliner Chris Norton Walker (he’s been on telly y’know, as he was slightly keen to point out), it provided an alternative entry to the usual night of drunken mayhem that proved a hit.

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The versatility of the Hive space was wonderfully shown at this event, and was perfectly suited to it. We all know what it’s like; it’s where you get your 70p cuppas during the day, have a break from revision or just doss about and eat cake (we don’t judge here, we’ve all done it). However, come the evening, the venue became a cosy little club, set out well for a comedy gig. Small enough for you to see the performers even from the back, and also small enough for bar staff to get heckle as well as the audience.

Wengler’s compering and stand-up was a real treat on the night, varying from truly funny stories to exaggerated interaction with the audience that left other members howling in their seats (tip: don’t be a latecomer). His enthusiasm turned infectious and set the bar high for the night. Other stand out acts included Farhan Mitha, whose gentle comedy took the room by storm, Matthew Blaikie with his hilarious Waitrose routine and Ciara Jack, whose audience engagement involved members shouting out ‘hemorrhoids!’ during a routine on Embarrassing Bodies. The variation in style, delivery and content were a joy and lit the room up one by one.

Fedor Tott provided a somewhat surreal portion of the night involving a spatula and communism, while Norton Walker, the guest headliner, polished off the night somewhat disappointingly for a man who had aided Wengler in keeping the energy in the room up wonderfully with a set lacking structure or routine and involving repeated bumming jokes and returning to harassment a few too many times.

Overall, the night was by and large a success, and it got us wondering why there aren’t more comedy nights on campus with the variety and wealth of talent hiding away at UEA. Bring on more comedy nights pre-LCR in the year to come!


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