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Celebrating World Book Day

Why do we celebrate books? Well, the simple answer to that is because they’re important. But that just creates more questions: why are they important? What do they do? How should we celebrate them? Does the way we celebrate them affect their importance? What about the kinds of books that we celebrate? Does that have…


Is it time to end Star Wars?

Star Wars. People just can’t seem to get enough of it. What started out as a film trilogy has now expanded to three trilogies, supporting films, TV shows, books, games and general canon lore that, at least in some circles, is disputed and discussed almost as much as the films themselves. Now, I can’t claim…


The changing face of female empowerment

The empowerment of femininity and female sexuality has, particularly with the expansion of feminism over the last fifty years, become an increasingly common theme within art, developing as society’s views have changed. Over time, women have begun using increasingly inventive and powerful ways to promote their sexuality and general female experiences to a wider audience,…


New year, new art, new me

Yes, all of us make resolutions to eat healthier, exercise more, and plan our time/money better. But perhaps just as popular are resolutions to finally read that book you’ve been pretending to have read for years (or even just to read more), to start that project you’ve been telling yourself you’ll start for months now,…


It’s beginning to look a lot like…

If you ask me, Christmas is the best time of year for art, or at least for getting people involved in it. Everyone who celebrates it loves decorating their home and workplace to promote the holiday spirit. It’s not just about the aesthetic – I truly believe that the way Christmas inspires us to decorate…


Nature is beautiful, but is it art?

So, it’s that time of year again. The ground is covered in a rustling mass of reds, browns, oranges, and golds. Autumn is often considered the most beautiful time of year; the lighting is soft, the air is clear, and everybody can feel the changing season. It almost makes up for the lack of daylight…

Arts, Venue

Could we be more involved?

The relaunch of the Art Fund Student Pass has once again drawn the importance of art, particularly for students, into conversation. Naturally, the talk surrounding such an opportunity isn’t all positive. Many people are left wondering at the necessity for such an offer, and debating how many students will actually use the facilities that Art…


Can we afford to be artists?

Arts Degrees. Let’s all just cut to the chase and admit that they are, essentially, the laughing stock of the degree world. And honestly, why are we surprised? Any subject that considers seven hours a week contact time enough to award a degree has got to be missing something. But it’s not just our inability…

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