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Beau of the Ball

If you wanted to buy into gender norms, you might start this article by saying there are certain things a man should be able to do. Like build a shelf, or eat a plate of meat from the bone, or fix a car. There is really only one thing all men should be able to…

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Face of a Generation

Do you remember three years ago, when Lady Gaga was still relevant? Me neither, but she said some interesting things about three artists who had allegedly been her inspiration. The first was Marina Abramovich, possibly the most well-known avant-garde artist ever. She’s also the most overrated by a mile. Gaga admires her because of her…

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Another superhero show review

The story is a familiar one. Netflix commissions a series, people go mad for it, a day is spent in bed with ice cream and biscuits, consuming not only your body weight in snacks but also in TV. Then you forget about them the next day. You did it with House of Cards, Bloodline, and…


Rosamund Pike? A female bond just won’t work

Ed Miliband, in an attempt to appear to be a normal human being instead of a malfunctioning robot, showed he at least knows one pop culture reference this week. When being interviewed about the upcoming General Election in which, obviously, he wants to be the next Prime Minister, he offered a little bit of an…

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Playing with Words

The election of Barack Obama in 2008 was the culmination of years of work. His advisors prepped the States by suggesting to the writers of The West Wing they use a person of colour to run as president in their show. Obama’s own ability to speak well helped too, as did his way of articulating…

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The Beginner’s Guide to Video Art

Let’s get one thing straight before we get going. It’s probably the most important point you need to take on board before you keep reading. Video art is not cinema. The use of audio-visual equipment might make you think you’re seeing a film or TV show, but video art is as distinct from film as…

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Words and Images

Every actor has been in a superhero movie, or will have been by the time whatever aeons-long plan Marvel and DC have comes to its horrible conclusion. Superheroes, like the plague, are everywhere. They crawled out of their comic book pages and took over the movies, then they slowly crept onto TV. No matter how…

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The Decline of Art

The BRIT award statue has been designed and redesigned by artists since 2011. If anyone still watches the awards show itself is by the by, given that seeing who will do what to the statue of Britannia beforehand is probably more exciting than the celebration of mediocrity it’s used for. The statue has been redesigned…

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