Adam White

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Skeletons in the Closet

Everyone has some skeletons in their closets. Some movie stars have literal ones. Others just have weird horror movies buried at the bottom of their IMDb pages. Adam White unearths six of the best-slash-worst…   Amy Adams in…Psycho Beach Party (2000) Perennial Oscar nominee Amy Adams didn’t have the most illustrious start in Hollywood, replacing…

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The fall schedule and the struggles of network television

In the USA, network television just isn’t cool anymore. All those buzzed-about shows you watch? The ones with zombies and dragons and lady-jails? They’re all on cable, or being beamed directly to your living room through the magic of online streaming. Yet network television still soldiers on, almost on blind faith that somehow the declining…


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So there’s this old episode of Buffy where people find they can only act on things or confront deep-seated feelings once their voices are literally taken away, all that word salad and unnecessary verbal overthinking forcibly removed, leaving only impulse and a compulsion to just run with whatever you truly feel. This has been the…

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Retrospective: Larry Clark

Larry Clark’s name is synonymous with outrage. From his early work as a photographer, behind acclaimed art collections like ‘Teenage Lust’ and ‘Tulsa’, to his envelope-pushing feature films such as the 1995 cult classic Kids, ‘dirty old man’ descriptives have followed him throughout his career. An interest in young people on the fringes of society,…

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