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8 great plotless films

Clerks A classic piece of independent cinema, Clerks has Kevin Smith’s rambling monologues and hilarious diatribes at its heart, instead of a cohesive plot. Set...

10 great horror films

Audition Feeling cruel and want to trick your horror-averse friend into watching a truly excruciating J-horror? Look no further than seemingly terror-free Audition, or perhaps...

10 great spy films

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Originally derided, OHMSS has been steadily reappraised down the years and is now (rightly) considered one of the best Bond...

Freshers’ week: the big debates

Ranging from punching Nazis and the downfall of the monarchy to our 'special relationship' with the US and political tribalism, the 21st century's great...

Student voice: Becki Edwards from Women’s Rugby

Every issue, we’ll be talking to a member of a UEA sports club to ask their opinions on the most recent sporting issues. This week, we spoke to UEA Women’s Rugby’s Becki Edwards.

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