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China warns America to follow ‘one China’ policy after Biden invited Taiwan to democracy summit

China has accused Biden of making “a mistake” after the American President invited Taiwan to a democracy summit featuring 109 other democratic governments, not including China. Taiwan is a self-governing democracy, but Beijing’s ongoing claims that Taiwan is a province of China has led to significant tension in the region.  Taiwan was listed amongst the…

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Global Investigates: Nanny state: AI and CCTV

In 2018, a cybersecurity activist successfully hacked into China’s facial-recognition system, unveiling a web of CCTV cameras spanning the country that possessed the ability to recognise an individual instantly by their face. Artificial Intelligence, AI, has been incorporated into almost all aspects of modern life, from facial recognition passwords on smartphones to adverts based on…

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Global Investigates: Latin America’s femicide crisis

The World Health Organization defines femicide as the “intentional murder of women because they are women.” Globally, there remains a significant lack of data in regards to femicide rates, with many governments failing to collate data specifically relating to the murder of women. Instead, gender based murder is counted amongst overall homicide figures, obscuring the…


Biden has promised a new era of diplomacy in a speech delivered to the UN

American president Joe Biden promised an end to “relentless war” and the beginning of “relentless diplomacy” at a speech delivered to the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly. In the speech, Biden described the withdrawal from Afghanistan in early September as a turning point in American international relations as America marks the “first…


Senator Lindsey Graham Repeats Call For the Impeachment of Former Friend Joe Biden

Lindsey Graham has repeated his call for the new president’s impeachment over his withdrawal of all American service personnel from Afghanistan. Graham, the Republican Senator for South Carolina, forged a close relationship with Biden when they were both serving as senators, remaining close friends whilst Biden served as vice-president to Barack Obama. Graham is reported…

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January 2022
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