Alex Gallacher


Boudica: Powerful, exciting, awesome!

After spending my Thursday evening completely engulfed in the story of a warrior queen, I can safely say that Minotaur Theatre Company‚Äôs Boudica was phenomenal. I arrived expecting excitement, courage and rebellion, and was not disappointed; the team of actors, directed by Priya Appleby and Thomas Guttridge, really delivered. Atmosphere was built through the actors,…


UEA cast and crew prepare for Boudica

Whether you are new to the UEA theatre scene or have been a devoted follower of it for years, Boudica by Tristan Bernays is the next, very exciting, production happening right here on campus. Directed by Priya Appleby and Thomas Guttridge, this will be the second amateur production of this play of rebellion and power…