Alexander Hendry


New figures show positive progress in panda conservation

In conservation, success stories can sometimes seem elusive. This is a problem, as constant doom and gloom can potentially undermine support for various projects, or simply give people the impression that it doesn’t matter what we do because the forces of the world conspire against us to inhibit meaningful change. As such, when a genuinely…

Science and Tech

50th Wildlife Photographer of the Year announced

Last Tuesday marked the 50th anniversary of a prestigious event in every wildlife photographer’s calendar, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition (WPY). The overall winner was declared to be “The Last Great Picture” by Michael “Nick” Nichols. His monochrome picture of a sleeping pride of lions set against the African plain was described by…


The “greenest government ever” is failing the environment

With the badger cull controversy, fracking, HS2, and the plan to sell off Britain’s woodlands, the coalition does not have a great track record when it comes to pleasing environmentalists. A new report seems to justify concerns that the self-proclaimed “greenest government ever” might actually leave some areas of the environment in a worse state…