Alexandra Parapadakis

Creative Writing

Girl outside

Have you seen her eyes? Searching grass stains Reaching up the bark Of her rough touch, Rough hands Legs like hay, the hairs like needles, Could lose thoughts in them, do you understand? Oh, have you seen her eyes? Dancing lily pads, I once tried to catch them in the lake — Silly mistake, oh…

Creative Writing


Memories are hidden within the creases of her skin. Her face is a wall which may fold, but will never crumble or collapse. She hides more than what you think in the knots of her grey curls, or buried beneath the soles of her sensible loafers. People say that eyes are the windows, but she…

Creative Writing

No need for sleep

Belly full with laughter, guts plump with giggles, I crumble under your tickles. Face a rash of Cheshire cat, the only pain I feel Is the ache of burning cheeks and the foggy wonder if this could be real. Cause even in the dark our faces beam, we refuse to sleep because we live the…

Creative Writing


In your rays of light, – Halos, halos, hello – Your shadow, Your fruitfulness, Your lime of every light… In your company!   I look for crevices or cracks In your existence – Holes to make us whole – I look for broken bits, Rips, tares, shreds, crumbs, Something I can rearrange Into a Montage,…

Creative Writing, Venue

Your tune

In the creases of a crumpled T-shirt, the darkening orbit of an orange pasta stain, the unhinged playfulness of bright and living eyes… the golden curls like mazes of cornfields – no way out – The type you just want to twist around your finger – I noticed you. In the unrestrained laughter, I would…

Creative Writing, Venue


Wrinkly knuckles clench, running white. The old man sits, well he lies, in the bed. Tucked up to the chin. It’s a cosy image but why does it feel so cold? He strains his eyes and runs them up and down me. Hello inspector, nice to meet you, what are we investigating today? Bloodlines, hereditary,…

May 2022
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