Alex Caesari

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Burnham Deepdale Festival Review

Burnham Deepdale Festival is very unassuming. Behind the village’s shop fronts, you are met with a warm, glowing courtyard. It is lined with fairy lights and a large firepit sits in the centre, lighting up the faces of those around it. Most are sat at tables drinking and laughing and talking. Others potter around buying…


Jarrod Dickenson at OPEN Norwich

Jarrod Dickenson continues to travel from the Lone Star State to Norwich, delivering a master class in blues-infused country every time. I enter OPEN Norwich’s ‘The Club’ to the sound of a stripped back acoustic guitar, the steel strings ringing through the winding corridor. Cariad Harmon is on stage and continues to play beautifully through…


10 wild movies

Bikini Girls on Ice: At some point a group of film executives must have been chatting. They want to make a horror film, but how to make the absolute lowest common denominator enjoy it? Thus Bikini Girls on Ice was born, a film which I’m sorry to say I caught on TV. When the historians…


Venue’s summer anthems

New Rules – Dua Lipa Lipa became the first woman to top the UK singles chart on her own for nearly two years this summer thanks to her empowering anthem with an audacious video to match. – Tony Allen Everything Now – Arcade Fire The undisputed song of the summer. The ABBA-esque melody and positive…

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