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Super Bird of Paradise discovered

Ever look at someone dancing in the LCR and think ‘wow are they even human?’ Well that’s pretty much how scientists discovered a new species of bird last week in New Guinea. Originally thought to be the same species as the Superb Bird-of-Paradise this new species, dubbed the Vogelkop Bird-of-Paradise has several distinct differences, including…


Spotted from space: danger penguins

Scientists accidentally stumbled upon one of the largest colonies of Adélie penguins when massive patches of their poop, or the more scientific and less giggle-inducing ‘guano’ showed up on pictures taken from space. The penguins are situated on the Danger Islands: small rocky peninsulas on the northerly point of the Antarctic. The islands are notoriously…


Concerns raised about fish digesting plastic

We’ve all been told how good for us fish is with its healthy fats, protein and Omega 3 but how about plastic? Packs of six Youngís fish cakes have been recalled from Farmfoods and Heron Foods stores due to the risk of them containing hard plastic and potentially scraps of metal. Customers have been asked…


Surge in sex robot demand

Digisexuals are on the rise. That is to say: those who prefer emotional and sexual relations with sex robots are becoming more prolific. A study conducted and produced in the Journal of Sexual and Relationship Therapy said those who prefer sexual relationships with virtual reality and robots are increasing. Experts said this is due to…

Sex survey 2018

How casual does UEA keep it?

Out of the 820 responses given to the question ‘How many sexual partners have you had?’ the majority (44 percent) said they had had one to three, this slowly decreased towards the larger numbers but nearly 3 percent of those taking the survey admitted to having over 31 sexual partners since becoming sexually active. The…


Mystery over mass death of antelopes

The mystery of why 200,000 antelopes in Kazakhstan dropped to the floor dead back in 2015 caused a major investigation. Scientists have now come to believe that the mass die-off, which wiped out the majority of the world’s population of Saiga antelopes, was caused by environmental factors. The cause of death was originally discovered to…


Dementia: Britain’s Biggest Killer

New figures from this year have shown that dementia, the most common type of Alzheimer’s disease, has overtaken heart disease as the cause for the most deaths in Britain. It has also been discovered to account for more deaths in women, at 15.2 percent of all deaths, than in men. The change seems to be…

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June 2021
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