Alex Morrison


Wonder Woman: a wonderful film

After over twenty years in development hell, Wonder Woman finally has a solo film to call her own. Following her standout appearance in Batman v. Superman, Gal Gadot returns as Amazon princess Diana, whose life changes when she rescues Allied pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), who tells her of the First World War. Thinking the…

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While Denis Villeneuve may not be household name, his films, such as Prisoners and Sicario, have been some of the most intense and darkest thrillers in recent memory. Arrival takes on a sci-fi bend, yet still manages to be incredibly edgy whilst remaining hopeful. Its a moving tale of communication and first contact with the…

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The Magnificent Seven

Remaking a classic is a daunting task, especially if it’s of a film that’s been celebrated, referenced and spoofed as many times as The Magnificent Seven has. Nonetheless, Antoine Fuqua’s remake of the 1963 Western manages to get the job done, even if it does feel workmanlike in its aspirations. Following a band of men…

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X-Men Apocalypse

The X-Men series has been one of the longest running superhero franchises and, with Apocalypse, it manages to continue on a good if not spectacular note. Following the rise of the world’s oldest mutant Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac), the X-Men, led by Xavier (James McAvoy), have to unite in order to stop him and his four…

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