Alice Ballard

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Film, OldVenue

Review: The Dressmaker

With stunning cinematography (Donald McAlpine) and the sheer contrast between femme fatale, Tilly Dunnage, and the dusty, rural Austalian town; The Dressmaker is a must-see gem within this season of female led films. Between The Lady in the Van and Carol it may seem outdated or generic but be assured that it is far from…

Film, OldVenue

Review – Suffragette

Empowering, engaging and utterly important, Suffragette delves right into the heart of the late 19th and early 20th century movement, where support for Women’s right to vote was mounting and tactics were becoming more violent due to lack of response from the government. Directed by Sarah Gavron, this gripping film steers well clear of the…