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2015 – a look back at news, politics and popular culture

Defined by a long-awaited Star Wars sequel and going for a cheeky Nandos, 2015 was year of exciting new releases in music and film and hysterically relatable lexical trends. But it wasn’t all Justin Bieber and Netflix and chill: 2015 was also a year characterised by political turmoil, war and heightened fear of global warming….

Music, OldVenue

Venue’s Music Playlist – No. 317

The Libertines – Gunga Din The Libertines don’t seem to have changed their sound much since making a comeback, which just goes to show how timeless they are as an indie-punk rock band, even after a huge 11 year absence. Their third album Anthems For Doomed Youth was released back in September, along with their…


Norwich: tips and tricks

If you’re thinking this guide is going to tell you about Norwich’s history, population size or nature reserves, stop reading here – go to tourist information, grab a coffee, then come back to this page. This is for the fresher and returning student- the student who is fairly familiar with Norwich, and the student who…


Award shows. What’s the point?

Well, award season has been and gone and we have been graced with the delights of the BAFTA’s, the Grammys, the Oscars and most recently the Brits. The rise, and seemingly falls (*ahem* Madonna, give up…I beg) of today’s directors, actors and artists, have all been televised for our enjoyment. Or in my case, the…


No drinking allowed: alternative ways to spend an evening

1. Pay Norwich food cycle a visit for a delicious FREE three course meal- 19:00 most Fridays (check the Facebook group weekly for any changes) at Quaker House on Upper Goat Lane, all are welcome to a vegetarian extravaganza! The team are dedicated to tackling food waste which means we get fed for free hurray!…

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