Alice Short


Could the 5:2 work for you?

Have you heard about it? Have you tried it yet? Does it really work? The 5:2 diet. What is this diet that has captured the interest of so many people and has them dashing out to buy the self-help books, the special recipes and the general merchandise surrounding it? As the simplicity of its name…


P-P-Put yourself first

Are you a ‘Perpetual People Pleaser’? Saying yes to everything even though you know deep down you should say no? Are you the one who always fits in with others’ plans, who doesn’t mind not getting their own way or who wouldn’t even send back the wrong coffee in a cafĂ© if it meant upsetting…


Sick Of Being Sick In January

January has always been known as prime time for us students to catch colds and pick up bugs, as we return from our warm homes with well-stocked fridges. Have you already come down with something when we’ve only been back ten minutes? Have you got a sore, red nose from the cheap tissues you’ve been…


An Attitude Of Gratitude In 2015

Did you know that by the 17th January, most people will have given up on their New Year’s Resolutions? It seems the usual plans to eat properly, exercise more and spend less are doomed to fail. Is this because they are not realistic or sustainable? Or is it because it is the worst time of…

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