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Black Lives Matter Seminar Series: Review

Organized to combat the colonization of humanities subjects, the Black Lives Matter Seminar Series that took place from the 7th to 11th September saw academics both from UEA and outside UEA discuss various points about Britain’s colonial past and how it has rippled through our curriculums in the present day. Concrete writers followed up on…


Let’s talk about armchair traveling

Since being confined to our homes in March, the need for escapism has never been greater. As holiday plans crumbled among the general populous, wanderlust reached its frantic peak, and the armchair travel phenomenon rose in popularity.  Armchair travelling, as a name, is pretty self-explanatory. You travel the world without leaving the confines of your…


The resilience of Native American artists through the pandemic

The pandemic has hit us all in some capacity, but Native American artists and craftspeople have suffered a particularly huge loss. Creativity is an intrinsic part of tribal culture. For example, 77% of households in Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico, contain at least one self-identified artist, and so the lack of a physical connection has been…

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UEA Literary Festival returns this autumn with a virtual twist

UEA’s bi-annual Literary Festival has just announced its return for Autumn 2020 through an apt renaming to UEA Live. To combat the issues presented by social distancing, UEA will be hosting a plethora of fascinating author discussions over livestream. Similarly, this year marks the 50th anniversary of Creative Writing at UEA with CW50, something that…

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The unstable future of book reviews

Sometimes dealing with the fallout of the Coronavirus feels like tackling a hydra; when one issue seems to be resolved, two more grow in its place. A significant blow to the economy has seen a disastrous domino effect, wherein cuts to the most “unnecessary” sectors have been made through practical, economic reasoning. Formal book reviews…

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Just Platonic?

There are relationships doomed to suffer, and relationships that make suffering. Like a cop who kisses his gun at night and lays it under his pillow. The only Black he dares to touch is the butt of his precinct-funded revolver; he tends her like a prized cow raised for slaughter, cocking his perverse killing machine….

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