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Deep, Deepen, Deepening

Laura Wilson’s ‘Deep, Deepen, Deepening’ is a performance about forging connections over centuries. On display at Norwich Castle Museum until the 29th March, it is a piece about the intimacies of human communication, presented within the cohesive routine of labour. ‘Must Farm’ is an excavation site that is often labelled as the “UK’s Pompeii” due…

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Erotic art: ‘Meat Joy’

‘Meat Joy’ is a work of performance art by feminist artist Carolee Schneemann. It harnesses the franticness of kinetic theatre with playful, yet disturbing, sexual and sensual overtones. A group of underwear-clad male and female performers writhe around on a white sheet. They practice synchronised dances. They fall around in tangles of limbs and bare…


Problematic art

Judy Chicago’s ‘The Dinner Party’ is an homage to historical women. The piece endured a congressional hearing about whether it should be displayed in galleries due to its overt vaginal imagery. The most interesting part was that the debate was comprised entirely of men. ‘The Dinner Party’ is an unapologetic installation, and its scrutiny was…

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Life-changing books: Tin Man by Sarah Winman

This book had a significant influence on me, because of its dizzying, tender outlook on life and relationships, wrapped up in poetic prose. The novel is an unbearably human exploration of friends and lovers Ellis, Michael, and Annie as they navigate their messy lives, growing together and apart through the years. Tin Man is important…

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