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Union recommends changes to prevent further drop in student satisfaction

The Student Union has released their summary report listing 34 recommendations to improve UEA’s student experience. Each year, the report covers concerns that may damage the reputation of the university and student life. The university will then assess the recommendations and act on them in time for the next SEC meeting in February. The report…


29 UEA students march for education

November 19th saw 29 UEA students attend a ‘United for Education’ demonstration that took place in central London in protest of the government’s plans to reform higher education. Union costs to support this demonstration totalled between £1,500 – £1,600 (approximately £55 per student). UEA students carried banners that said “Death to the Bourgeoisie” and “Deport…


UEA’s Earlham Hall vandalised

The University of East Anglia’s Law School was vandalised in an attack on Monday night. The perpetrators shattered windows with rocks while students from UEA’s Law Society were still inside the building. Police were called at 8:00pm following reports of the country house being under attack. Second year law student, Abby Robinson, who was inside the…


NUS accuses Bouattia of anti-semitism

Student leaders, including three NUS vice presidents, have signed an open letter criticising the union for  “anti-Semitic rhetoric.” Signatories also said the union needs to do more to “address its attitude towards Jewish students.” 44 student leaders signed the letter, which claims that “Jewish students have not felt safe participating in our national movement.” The…


Sexual harassment an invisible problem at UK universities

The way universities in the UK deal with sexual harassment cases concerning university staff and students has been criticised by campaigners and academics. The Guardian reported that in many cases of students being sexually harassed by university students both parties are forced to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). Confidentiality contracts signed in settlements allow the perpetrators…


Russell Group to boycott TEF quality testing

Top UK universities are considering a boycott of new quality tests. A number of universities have indicated they will not participate in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), which the government plans to make universities’ ability to increase tuition fees dependent on passing. Russell Group universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, have refused to confirm whether they…

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