Amy Newbery


Travel Vlogging

Perhaps one of the biggest trends today is vlogging; a mix of the words ‘blog’ and ‘video’. With the immense popularity of social media (especially YouTube), there are millions of vloggers across the world. It’s a way for someone to share their life with their audience as well as create memories. A popular type of vlog is the…


5 Beauty Spots in Norfolk

Norwich Cathedral Norwich Cathedral – its construction beginning in 1096 – has the second tallest cathedral spire in the whole of England. With a rich history, the cathedral is not only a tourist hotspot, but is absolutely stunning on the inside and outside. Situated in the city centre, Norwich Cathedral is easy to locate and…


Solo vs group travelling

One of the biggest trends right now, without a doubt, is travelling. Whether it’s for ‘soul-searching’, a graduation trip or just for fun, there are millions of travellers every year. I, myself, have travelled a lot – both alone and in a group. It’s because of these experiences that I want to explore the pros…


A loner’s guide to travelling

I’ve been travelling by myself for years now but it wasn’t always easy. I’m what my friends and family call me, navigationally inept. There are many rewards for travelling by yourself but at the same time, there can be some negative consequences. However, once you have a plan for your journey, it’s smooth sailing from…


Are grad trips worth it?

When I graduated from high-school, the majority of my classmates went on graduation trips to places like Japan, South Korea, Ko Samui, etc. I, however, didn’t go. My friends and I hadn’t really planned anything nor did I have the money. I didn’t feel it was right to ask my parents to pay either. Although, I did…

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