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Government blunders over 71,000 expired student visas

The government has admitted Home Office staff have lost track of over 71,000 people who had their student visa expire in 2015. Currently most international students apply for a Tier 4 visa before studying in the UK and there is no limit on the number of student visas that can be issued. The figures were…


Majority of students use social media to contact academics

According to a survey by educational charity Jisc, 27% of students are using social networking sites to contact their tutors outside of regular contact hours. Facebook was found to be most popular form of communication used by students as an online platform to communicate with academics, with 85% of those who took part in the…

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UEA given green light over free speech

The UK’s first Free Speech University Rankings have been published by the self-proclaiming libertarian campaign group Spiked. Rankings were generated using data from 80% of UK universities and which was then ranked using a traffic light system. The policies and actions of both the university and the student union were analysed using an ‘absolute free…


Boycott: Dodgy Sugar in your Dodgy Coffee

Starbucks and Tate & Lyle are to be boycotted in union outlets following a motion passed by Union Council on 12th February. The motion titled Dodgy Sugar in your Dodgy Coffee, was passed by Union Council by 38 votes for to 18 against. Proposed by Sam Jones, PSI Second Year representative, the motion called for…


Get your goat, UEA, you’ve polled

The Union of UEA Studenst got creative for National Voter Registration day with a herd of goats taking centre stage in The Square. The ‘Goats for Votes’ drive encouraged students to register to vote in Norwich South for the upcoming general election. In exchange students were able to pet the goats, receive Goats for Votes…

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