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Russian spy whale defects

  A whale suspected of spying for Russia has been spotted by villagers in Tufjord, Norway. It was spotted approaching boats with a camera harness made in St Petersburg. The friendly beluga is claimed to have now defected, refusing to leave the harbour and looking for food from locals. Russia is known to have trained…


Akihito’s unprecedented abdication

Emperor Akihito, ruler of Japan since 1989, has abdicated and handed rule to his son, Naruhito. It is the first time a Japanese emperor has taken this action and did so because of old age. He succeeded his father Hirohito, emperor during World War II, and has been a committed pacifist, despite economic stagnation and…


Fire at Notre Dame

  Fire ravaged one of France’s most famous buildings on April 15. The exact cause is still unclear, but is thought to be related to ongoing rebuilding works. Most of the building retained integrity however the spire and roof were both destroyed. Important artefacts, such as the crown of thorns, were saved but others suffered…


Williamson sacked in Huawei scandal

Gavin Williamson, the defence secretary, has been sacked by Theresa May and replaced by Penny Mordaunt. He is accused of having leaked information from the National Security Council, concerning Huawei’s potential involvement in a future 5G network. It was discovered he had talked to a Telegraph editor after the meeting but adamantly denied involvement in…


Making a Murderer… Season 3?

Wisconsin’s Court of Appeals has granted a new trial to Steven Avery, star of Netflix’s Making a Murderer. He is currently serving a life sentence for the 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach, which he denies. Avery’s lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, based the appeal on new evidence relating to alleged mishandling of evidence. Halbach’s bone fragments, found…


Pug seized over unpaid debts

A family in the German town of Ahlen has had their pug seized and sold on eBay by local officials. The action was taken in response to the family’s failure to pay their debts, which included a dog tax. Many people took to social media to criticise those involved, arguing it was heartless to seize…


Bulgaria vs Bear

Bulgarian officials are considering launching legal action against British TV adventurer, Bear Grylls. He could receive a fine of up to €2,500 for breaching the regulations of the protected Rila National Park. The breaches include swimming in a lake, lighting a fire and boiling a frog. Grylls and the frog are not the only ones…


Worldwide student strike for climate change action

On 15 March, tens of thousands of schoolchildren are expected to go on strike worldwide, in a global mobilisation protest against climate change. With plans for strikes in more than 150 cities, it will follow months of action that has seen pupils taking to the streets, from Accra to Auckland, and Strasbourg to Seattle. The…


Forever Toto

Echoing one of the song’s most famous lines, it’s gonna take a lot to take away the sounds of Toto’s ‘Africa’ from the Namib Desert. Artist Max Siedentopf has set up an installation of six speakers with the 1982 hit playing on loop, assisted by solar batteries. He wanted the song to play for eternity…

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