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Phantom Thread is “mournful and stunning”

Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread is an amalgamation of the arts, with the outcome being a violently charming masterstroke. It’s a Zolaesque piece of sophistication, rife with addiction, passion and possession. Reynolds Woodcock (Daniel Day-Lewis) is a selfish creature of haute couture; a perverse man-child dependant on strict routine. When he meets young waitress Alma…


The Florida Project: as magical as Disneyland

See The Florida Project to lose yourself in the moreish candy colour schemes, Google The Florida Project to read more reviews praising those exact schemes. From the very first opening shot, the visual expectations are set high but with Sean Baker’s direction, Alexis Zabe’s cinematography, and the crew’s dedication, every minute of the film’s 1h51m…


Call Me By Your Name: peachy in Italy

Adapted from Andre Aciman’s novel, Call Me By Your Name is the difference between a lukewarm Americano and a coffee of your choice with a selection of hazelnut, amaretto and mocha syrups. It’s the difference between squash and fresh pressed oranges. Set in the summer of 1983 ‘somewhere in Northern Italy,’ Luca Guadagnino’s seductive film…


Richard Alston Dance Company Transform ‘Movement and Music into Poetry’

As my introduction to the Richard Alston Dance Company, ‘An Italian in Madrid’, ‘Tangent’ and ‘Chacony’ were performances that confidently provided proof of the ongoing conversation between music, dance and colour. From the pairing of James Muller and Monique Jonas to the captivating manoeuvres of Vidya Patel and Ihsaan de Banya, music and movement were…

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They have no bricks to their name; just shell, like mollusks. Locks offer no security in comparison to the magnetic field that guides a compass. Since time immemorial they have utilised the astronomer’s work: a marquee mapped amongst the stars.

July 2021
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