Adam R. Charlton


Concrete on 2017

Emily Hawkins, Tony Allen, Adam Robertson Charlton, Orla Knox-Macaulay, James Chesson and Angel Loeraís predictions for the year ahead. 2017: ten years since the first iPhone and Windows Vista were released; 20 years since the UK governed Hong Kong, and the death of Princess Diana in Paris. While events like the latter will always come…

Creative Writing, Venue

London skies alight

London skies burn ambient tonight, a St Helens’ horizon Eclipsing the pilot stars. Twitching beneath its orange lens the city expands black and glassy – Dilated like an eye. Veiled in a permanent dawn, charcoal streets crisscross like scars on a slave’s back below. The cities’ sirens seduce, entice, Untie you from your mast and…

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