Becca Allen


What is the comfiest pair of jeans?

I have a very love/hate relationship with jeans. There will be weeks when I live in them and remind myself for days on end that I need to wash them, but I can also go a month at a time without touching them. There will always be a jean that I come back to time…

Creative Writing


Loneliness is a fucking drug. Once you first taste loneliness, It is as addictive, As hard to quit As the hardest drug I know. The hardest drug I know Is cocodomol. Cocodomol became my friend When at 13 I hurt my hip And I needed a full night’s sleep, When at 15 I first felt…


The Cry

I love it when Autumn rolls around because it means that the BBC really up their game on their dramas. In the wake of the recent and undeniable successes of Bodyguard and Killing Eve, the stakes were high for new Sunday night drama, The Cry. With Jenna Coleman in its starring role as an emotionally…

Creative Writing

The Trees

It was one of those not-quite-autumn days. One of her favourite kind of days. One of those days where it was still warm enough to throw on just a dress and a jacket and not be cold, but where the sun was already low in the sky by the time she caught the 16:41 bus…

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