Bella Hatch

Creative Writing

The Beginning

I become aware of my surroundings like a diver rising from the depths. Slowly, and then all at once. Light floods my vision, and for a moment, I’m completely overwhelmed. Incrementally, my eyes adjust to my surroundings, and I become aware that I am standing in a vast, vaulted chamber, everything around me white, pearl…

Creative Writing


Darkness, warmth, then glittering cold and harsh lights. The sounds of a world unmuffled by water and flesh. A sharp hand descends on your buttock and you choke on fluid and air and the first piercing scream of your tiny life. Gently cradling hands and harsh latex gloves deliver you into the world, out of…

Creative Writing

A Divorce from Tradition

2012. Christmas with Mum. You’ve been told to act normal, so you’re singing while you bring the coal but now you’re singing solo. There’s still just as much food, just as much drink, but no matter how full you stock the cupboards, something in the kitchen is missing. The tree is up, the lights are…

Creative Writing

A Wife of Bluebeard

You tell yourself you loveThe prince who dashes inWho storms the castleAnd slays the dragonAnd takes away a part of you in doing so.You tell yourself you’ll learn to love BluebeardIf it means you can avoid the chopping block. You insist you like the inferno,The desire is the fire and it burns beautifullyBut it leaves…

Creative Writing, Venue


Pray you never live your life confined to an existence in the dank holes and dingy burrows of the backlands of West Ireland. It’s a dismal life. The rations are bad, the dirt is poor, and our litters are often pneumonic, from birth to death by one. We live close and cramped, but there’s no…

June 2022
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