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Shock horror!

As I entered the theatre, pen and notebook in hand, I could not help but observe I was neither a child nor a parent, a face out of place amongst the sea of school children. A moment of crisis; am I finally too old, too serious and boring to enjoy Terry Deary’s excellent Horrible Histories…

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Review: DramaSoc presents “Loot”

Banks, bodies and water boards; all will be mercilessly satirised in Drama Soc’s excellent production of Joe Orton’s pitch-black farce. Even before the black velvet curtain lifts on our morbid scene, the hearse-wheels of confusion begin to turn. Drama Soc’s production team brilliantly transformed an ordinary room of Union House into a funeral parlour, complete…

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Bad Neighbours

Director Nicholas Stoller Starring Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, Zac Efron, Dave Franco, Craig Roberts, Andy Samberg, Lisa Kudrow, Christopher Mintz-Plasse Cert 15 Runtime 96mins   Warning: weed, partying and (man)boobs within. Yes folks, from the college movie tradition that spawned Animal House, it’s Seth Rogen’s new comedy Bad Neighbours. Dumb and crass, but generally in…

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Beautiful Creatures – review

A teen romance flick with strong supernatural vibes – sounds familiar? Alas, Beautiful Creatures will inevitably draw Twilight comparisons, but where its fanged forerunner was as wooden as a stake, Beautiful Creatures is a smart and funny movie with some strong performances. Photo: Warner Bros The film concerns the unusual love life of Ethan Wate,…


Mama – review

Creepy kids? Angry ghosts? Necks in places they absolutely shouldn’t be? Just when you thought it was safe to look back in your wardrobe, Spanish director Andrés Muschietti’s directorial debut Mama will leave you reaching for the light switch.

December 2021
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