Benedetta Mancusi

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Casa Internazionale

Even the bleakest day Had a taste of the present. The present, Back then, Was a concoction Of mellow mornings, Followed by endless, heightened nights. Now it’s just me And the future: I am gnawing it away. At least it will sharpen my teeth. Not a day goes by Without someone telling me, “Oh, you’re…

Creative Writing


I try to make something different, I really do. But he’s still there. He always finds me. It was a long time ago when he started existing on the page; my page, not his. It was never his page. I gave him life, and everybody loved him — more than they could love me. He…

Creative Writing

Silent, fast speaking new year

To the unheard voices, To the feeble voices , (Only whispers at midnight.) To the strong minds, limbs, lungs and hearts, Whose voices are unheard, Feeble, For they have to listen And be strong. For they have to talk wisely And be strong. To the fireworks minds, To the injured minds who only know how…

Creative Writing, OldVenue


If i ever come back, i want you to remember who i used to be. Remember that day, at St Katherine Docks, when it was almost Christmas. It was almost Christmas and you had never been brighter. The water mirroring the lights and the whispers. A painting of lost people, dancing flesh on the thread…

Creative Writing, OldVenue

Creative Writing: Skylines

[su_box title=”Skylines – Jay Stonestreet, creative writing editor” box_color=”#2D2D73″ radius=”0″]As we enter into October and the sun sinks a little lower every day, each autumn sunset becomes more beautiful. In this issue, UEA’s writers explore the theme of skylines and the framing of the human against nature’s ever-changing backdrop.[/su_box] [su_quote cite=”Westley Barnes”]Cloudwatcher Ever since I’ve…

April 2021
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