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Respect for the Dead

Hollywood is no stranger to exploiting tragedy and real world events to create films. Nationwide or global, natural and man-caused catastrophes like 9/11, the Blitz, the Boxing Day tsunami etc. appear in blockbusters for the masses to view these horrendous occurrences from the safety of a movie theatre. The Forest, a 2016 horror film starring…

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Have you tried turning it off and on again?

There have been many articles on how modern Hollywood is creatively bankrupt; with constant adaptations, remakes, and rebooting dead franchises, it can certainly seem that way. However two points are generally ignored, the first is that this isn’t new and the second is that adaptation is a hard process, usually because the adaptation is done…

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Review: Room

Certain subjects are hard to explore in cinema. Often they are dealt with in an overtly sentimental manner, or are brutally real to the point of being exploitative. Since Room tackles topics of rape, kidnapping, suicide, and mental health, you wouldn’t be blamed for being a little apprehensive as to what writer Emma Donogue and…

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Biopics: Warranted Or Woeful?

You might assume a biopic would be the easiest film to make. After all, the story is already written, the character already exists for the actor to inhabit, and in most cases the awards are almost guaranteed. However, it can be very, very easy to produce a shoddy product because directors and writers fail to…

June 2021
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