Beth Papworth


UEA researchers reveal mysterious marine molecules

UEA researchers have found a key gene for producing sulphur molecules. Dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP) are marine molecules which generate more than one billion tonnes annually by the process of marine phytoplankton (microscopic plant-like cells), seaweed and bacteria. Once marine microorganisms break down DMSP, they release a climate-cooling gas called dimethylsulfide (DMS). Doctor Jonathan Todd, a professor…


International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day brings together global governments, women’s organisations, businesses and charities. With gender equality still causing problems in today’s culture, as the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report revealed that it will take 217 years to close the gap, it is more important than ever to strive for change. The much-anticipated hashtag, #PressforProgress,…


First diversity day hosted

On Friday 23 February, UEA hosted its first ever ‘Diversity Day’ in the LCR. The event coincided with the Do Something Different Week festival and LGBT+ History month. For students, the event was an opportunity to ask questions, watch film clips, view a mini-exhibition and watch UEA’s African Caribbean Society dance. The main objective was…


Students fear Trump’s environmental agenda

When Concrete spoke to students this week, 100 percent of them agreed that they were concerned about global warming. The environmental poll also showed that 75 percent were anxious that Trump had abandoned the Paris Climate Agreement and was taking step backwards. Emily Mason,  a third year Environmental Sciences student said, “I am worried about…

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