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Laura Marling – Semper Femina ★★★★

Two albums ago, with the folksy seminal sound of 2013’s Once I Was An Eagle, Laura Marling asked herself ‘Where Can I Go?’, and oh boy, has she come far. This month, we welcome back the musical veteran, with many a guitar in tow, onto the buzzing alternative music landscape with her latest offering, Semper…


Songs of sex

Claud Letts Music can represent a meaningful moment in your life, something indescribable by words, much like sex.  Here are the songs to listen to when making love… ‘Darling Nikki’ – Prince Prince’s music was designed to get you into bed.  The raw, live feel of the song is engineered deliberately compared to the romantic,…

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New album releases

Beth Ramsay Jagwar Ma Every Now & Then  Amidst the album’s jangly guitar strums and disco-tinged synth sounds, a quieter moment in Jagwar Ma’s Every Now & Then stands out with the line “I still feel the way I did when we met” in the second track. Lead vocalist Gabriel Winterfield purrs the words, summarising…