Beverly Devakishen


Venue reviews: Nightclubbing at Norwich Playhouse

Nightclubbing was an emotional performance full of funky futuristic beats, heart-wrenching spoken word poems and astonishing visuals. All 45 minutes of the piece were unpredictable and thrilling to watch. Featuring the tunes of Grace Jones, the performance is centered around black women’s experiences of racism and heteronormativity. The storyline is based on an incident when…


Travelling to “Dangerous Destinations”

I was scrolling through the segment of the British government website that offers British citizens advice on which countries are currently too dangerous to visit. It cities killings, political instability and theft as some of the reasons why one should not go to a country. Many of the ‘dangerous’ countries that were listed were far…


India’s Supreme Court decriminalises gay sex

“History owes the LGBT community an apology for their sufferings,” said Judge Indhu Maholta, after India overturned a ruling that criminalised gay sex.   Section 377 was a part of the Indian Penal Code, which had been introduced by the British in 1861. It legally banned sexual activity between two men. Section 377 still remains…

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