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Bex White


Preview: Iron Man 3

With a fanbase that has more than doubled in the past year, will Iron Man 3 be able to continue the Marvel glory?

Going home for the holidays

Holidays at university are times to be treasured. They offer precious time to see those that have spread to all over the country, and they are not a time you should waste.

Hyde Park on Hudson – review

Hyde Park on Hudson promised a lot, and it tries to do a lot. All it succeeds in however, is perfect costume design.

Where we’re going we don’t need sci-fi!

Is contemporary science fiction facing a worrying plight into style over substance?

Nothing beats the High Street at Christmas

There's nothing like wrapping up and heading to the High Street for Christmas shopping, says Bex White.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part II – review

This final instalment has allowed it to leave on a high, even if it leaves those who aren’t fans a bit bewildered over what all the fuss was about.