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The Commitments at Norwich Theatre Royal: Review

At one point in The Commitments, a review is quoted which describes the band as ‘a good time’, and this eloquently sums up tonight’s experience at Norwich Theatre Royal. The musical, based on the book by Roddy Doyle, and following the fortunes of Jimmy (played solidly by Andrew Linnie) as he forms a Dublin soul…

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What does it feel like to be beautiful? The question strikes me hard now and again, Before life takes control once more and I Forget your face, and that question recedes. We’re always moving on yet hanging back, With feet on new ground, minds on where we’ve been. And whenever I think of where we’ve…

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Desert island discs: Tom Rutledge, English lecturer

Our first castaway is Tom Rutledge, lecturer in English Literature, who has kindly agreed to talk about his musical preferences to Concrete Music, despite his anxiety that they might not ‘strike a chord’ with readers. His passions include rugby, hockey, and – luckily, given the nature of this interview – music. He plays the trumpet…

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