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Favourite livestream

The one thing that has kept me going since the lockdown began, which I have been rewatching almost every week, has to...

UEA creative writing 50th anniversary project

To celebrate 50 years of Creative Writing at UEA, the university has announced a new project, aimed at an exploration and development...

UEA introduces ‘safety net’ for students

UEA has announced a ten-point plan for undergraduate assessment in summer 2020 after concerns the coronavirus pandemic may affect students’ grades. This...

Antarctica breaks 20C temperature for the first time

In a record-breaking event on the 9 February, an island in Antarctica has exceeded 20C, as Seymour Island off the coast of...

A third of students use personal loans to pay rent

The National Student Accomodation Survey 2020 found that a third of undergraduates are using loans, overdrafts and credit cards to pay rent...

SU may go bust “in a few years”

Uea(su) will go bust “in a few years” without more funding from UEA, the chair of the SU’s Finance Committee has said.