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UEA announces £7.4m Institute of Productivity

A new Institute of Productivity has been announced by the university which would aid in educating the next generation of ‘digitally aware engineers’. The new hub will allow the UEA to create its long-anticipated School of Engineering by 2021. The Institute is expected to have dedicated workshops to advanced robotics, a 3D printing studio, a…


Inquest into UEA student’s death postponed

After a pre-inquest hearing held on September 2nd, a decision was reached to postpone the full inquest into the death of a UEA student. Theo Brennan-Hulme was a 21 year old literature and creative student from Stoke found dead on campus in March this year. The first inquest, which took place in March, gave his…


Rape scandals engulf British universities

Since the scandal of the leaked Warwick university Whatsapp chat, similar secrets have unravelled in several other UK universities. According to several studies, over the past two years alone the number of students at top universities who have been investigated for offensive comments made on social media chats has almost tripled. Students, mostly females, seem…


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces corruption charges

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, is facing corruption charges after a two-year investigation. This would make him the second Prime Minister of Israel to be indicted if the attorney general continues with his decision, after his predecessor, Ehud Olmert, was sentenced and charged with corruption back in 2009. Prosecutors would have to go…

Black History Month Special

A brief history of black progression

From the mid 17th century, black slaves were being sold, auctioned and inventoried by slave masters until 1833, when the British government passed an act in parliament abolishing the slave trade. It had taken the hard work of numerous people, both black and white, working together to abolish slavery. They included the likes of Olaudah…

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