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DC Trailers: A Tease of What’s to Come

The DC fandom have been offered several new trailers! Many of the trailers give us a glimpse of these films in any format, though some had little to offer beyond brief teases of the films to come.   Firstly, ‘Wonder Woman 1984’, set during the Cold War, shows us that Diana will come into conflict with…

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Outer Banks: Mystery and Drama

Outer Banks is one of Netflix’s top series at this time. Designed as a blend of dozens of 80s movies and TV shows, it is set in the beach vacation destination of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The series follows an attractive teenage boy John B, who lives on his own. His dad has…

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To All The Sequels I’ve Liked Before

To those unaware of Netflix’s ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’, or indeed Jenny Han’s 2014 novel of the same name, the story follows Lara Jean, who writes letters to the boys she has ‘liked’ in her years, and her younger sister Kitty sends out the letters. This is where Lara Jean and Peter…


Hollywood and Racial Pigeonholing

Daniel Kaluuya is said to be “tired of being asked about race”, and that he never asked for his status as a successful black actor to define him. Within the film industry there is a vast underrepresentation of the community, not to mention the striking inequality. Likewise, I find it peculiar that while some actors…

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