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David Bowie in eight tracks

(1969) Space Oddity: A track that holds a place in the hearts of many as ‘Ground Control to Major Tom’, The song that, for many, came to be the soundtrack of the 1969 moon landing. Released on 11th July 1969, just five days before Apollo 11, Oddity introduced Bowie as a solo artist to both…


Osborne may face student loan U-turn legal action

George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, could face legal action over his decision to freeze the student loan repayment rate, rather than keeping it in line with rises in inflation, a decision that has meant that a proportion of students could be more than £300 worse off every year after graduation. Osborne froze the income…


When one man’s terrorist becomes another’s freedom fighter

Once more, the political battleground is tense: populated by representatives of opposing ideals, the world wonders whether any form of solution will ever be agreed. The backdrop in question here is not the Palace of Westminster, the Oval Office or the Assemblé Nationale, but a small, snow-covered farmstead in the western American state of Oregon….


Global roundup 360: 12th January

International coffee price to plummet As the second most traded commodity in the world after oil, the coffee industry is big business, however, due to unusual weather conditions, its price is falling. In Brazil, the country that produces the largest proportion of the world’s coffee, a long rainy season has led to a surplus of…

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Will the West rally against Isis in 2016?

As midnight approached across the globe on 31st December 2015, celebrations worldwide were somewhat interrupted by the widespread, fears of terrorism, a trend that seems set to continue into the New Year. Celebrations in Brussels city that has been the focus of the world’s media since the November Paris attacks, were brought to an abrupt…


Proposal to move Norwich clubs to an industrial estate

A Norwich city councillor has suggested that ‘a nightclub zone’ should be developed on an out of town industrial estate to try and ease tensions on Prince of Wales Road. City Member for Thorpe Hamlet, Ben Price, offered that such a move would improve the city’s night time economy, and help to relieve some of…


Global review of the year 2015

As it’s our last issue of the year, Global is taking a look back at 2015. Reporting by Caitlin Doherty, Grace Fothergill, Lillie Coles, Sophie Atherton, Meg Bradbury and Tom Gordon. [su_tabs vertical=”yes”][su_tab title=”January”] 7th January – Charlie Hebdo attacks Saïd and Chérif Kouachi broke into the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, and killed 11…


Global roundup 360 – 318

Ukranian Russian tensions remerge On 22nd November, over three quarters of the Ukrainian region of Crimea was left without electricity supplies. Electricity pylons were blown up in what appeared to be an act of sabotage, leaving 1.9 million people without access to power. The news outlet Russia Today stated that: “the Crimean Emergencies Ministry has…

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