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The best albums to study to

Studying is such a personal thing, and what you do to help you study looks a little different for everyone. For some, they need complete silence, or to listen to a TV show, or to listen to their favourite pop album. For me, it has to be something more instrumental. I have to listen to…


“There are no rules”: Local zine creators on craft culture in a digital world

Historically, zines were a potent form of craft culture and a resistance to superfluous materialism. The blurring of what constitutes a zine has been an issue since digital platforms offered efficiency and reach. Although, many creators still stick passionately to corporeality. I spoke to some local zine-creators to ask their thoughts. Minty, UEA graduate and…


The art of the vinyl record

In 1911 Wassily Kandinsky, amongst others, formed the art group Der Blaue Reiter. For them, visual art had enormous spiritual, communicative potential and its relationship with music was vitally important. 50 years later, visual art (and its relationship with music) was transformed by photography and the invention of the album. By the 1960s, the portrait…

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Iconic voices in music

A voice in music is not always vocal. For centuries, musicians with intimate understandings of their instruments have used it to express emotion like you would a voice. As many jazz musicians have said, what they play, is their voice.  While John Coltrane, Louis Armstrong, or Mary Lou Williams demonstrate technical ability and a distinguishable…

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Isolation and Anthony Gormley

Works of art which reflect on themes of isolation are hardly scant, in fact, they’re incredibly common. (Whether that be loneliness stemming from social isolation, or even purely physical, a subject in a state of unavoidable, or inescapable isolation.) There are also a great many people already relating the coronavirus lockdown to great works. Twitter’s…

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