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Callum Gray


Nevermind the Sex Pistols, Here’s The Bollocks

The Sex Pistols’ debut was prolific. Sort of. From it came documentaries, mythologies and a caricature of punk to boot. You could...

Curing Music Fatigue – How to find New Music

Being able to listen to all music ever-made, 24 hours a day, at any location, is a double-edged sword. Tracks can get...

Favourite drum songs – celebrating the sticks

Ni Ten Ichi Ryu – Photek When people think drums, they usually think rock, but electronic drumming was so important for the development of the...

Beneath the Eyrie by Pixies: A painfully middle-of-the-road sludge-fest

The Pixies have somehow made one of the most boring records to date. It’s disappointing that one of the most influential and pioneering grunge...